Drive with us

We are the specialists if you’re looking for transportation and logistics. We reliably transport a variety of goods to your requested destinations. Transportation and the necessary logistics including technical know-how: these elements form our passion and will take your goods where they need to be.

Our obligation and task

Meeting our customer’s requirements and wishes, delivering requested tasks and all goods on time. Naturally, we have high standards for our performance, flexibility, and professionalism.

We are constantly working for you

Our permanent availability represents our customer proximity. Communicating with our customers is essential for smoothly processing requested tasks. Customers and employees are informed about everything. This way, we try to prevent problems from arising in the first place. Customer proximity is an important topic that is based on mutual trust. We are happy to address this subject matter. Trust us.

Flexibility is everything

We’re available even when other companies are not. Flexibility has its price, but we must emphasize that our company is oriented toward permanent economic success. Economic success secures our long-term place on the market and therefore secures jobs. We offer you fair business terms in your interest

There’s always a way

Last-minute changes? A comprehensive solution tailored to your individual needs? We make it possible. With managers who act responsibly and independently, who always give their all for you. You will profit from our reliability and flexibility. And from the fact that we always find a way to meet your requirements. VIDA Logistik GmbH is the specialist for fresh, valuable, and urgent goods. We deliver safely, efficiently, and always transparently. We will provide you with all data and information and most of it in real-time today. We guarantee that we will continue to endeavor to always be a step ahead in the future. For food transportation, like for all our services: Thanks to state-of-the-art software and telematics, the vehicles can be implemented in flexible operations. The real-time data flow allows our dispatchers to perfectly bundle the flow of goods, minimize empty runs, and thereby reduce transportation costs. We invest in the interest of our customers: in motivated staff, excellent vehicles, perfect cooling technology, and pioneering telematics.